"There is a great beauty in this world that is ephemeral - an unexpected pattern, a momentarily graceful shape, a "trick" of the light. An artist sees these things. An artist with a photographer's skills captures these moments and creates a sense of permanence with images that are seemingly suspended in time."

Brad Miller's long and illustrious career as a commercial photographer is no surprise. Brad is the son of Ardean R. Miller, pioneer color photographer, legendary commercial photographer and winner of the Leica Award for Excellence in 1937. Both Brad's brothers are equally accomplished photographers.

Brad's career started in Europe where he began photographing cars almost exclusively with an 8 x 10 camera. For nearly 30 years Miller captured the allure, passion and glamour of some of the world's most prestigious cars and created the "look" of Mercedes Benz that changed the way the world viewed luxury. Cars were photographed in natural light, and Miller's intrinsic understanding of the exact moment when nature does its magic, allowed him to perform his. This process became known in the industry as "liquid light" and remains the gold standard by which commercial photographers measure their work and talent today.

His work has appeared in almost every major publication in the world. In recent years, Miller has begun exploring fine art photography, covering a broad range of subjects from portrait work and nudes to one of his greatest private passions: anything to do with nature. An ongoing project of a coffee table book of women entitled "Natural Beauty" is planned for publication in the next year.